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Boat Detailing in St. Pete

Boat and yacht detailing is a necessary part of owning any type of watercraft. Detailing your boat keeps it in tip-top shape for as long as you own it. Boat detailing will also keep it safe from damage by weather, debris, and insects – all of which can cause major damage to your boat’s finish.

When you are looking for a reliable company to complete your boat detailing in St. Petersburg, FL, there are a few things that you should look for. The first thing that you want to look for is the number of employees the company has. Detailing companies with fewer employees usually deliver less quality work, since they have very little manpower to devote to the task. A large company with many employees will be able to provide more detail while still maintaining a good bottom line.

Next, ask the company how often the boat is washed. Quality boat detailing in St. Petersburg requires boats to be washed at least twice a year. If your boat has intricate detailing work or special coatings, you may need to wash your boat more frequently. The manufacturer of your craft may have recommendations on how often your boat should be washed. Some manufacturers recommend that you clean your boat every six months or so, while others recommend that you clean it once a year.

Another important consideration is the type of equipment that the company uses for its mobile cleaning and detailing services. You’ll want to check with the company to see if they use ultrasonic technology for their St. Petersburg boat detailing company. While it isn’t used nearly as much as traditional detailing work, it can still help to improve the shine on your boat. Also, ask about the various detailing brushes, scrapers, and polishes that are being used. Ensure that any polishes or brushes used are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of water and sunlight that your boat may encounter.

When you’re looking for a boat detailing service in St. Petersburg, look for a company that has experience working with both new and used yachts. Often a boat detailing service in St. Pete charges more when the yacht is brand new, simply because it’s more expensive to repair a new boat. However, if your boat has been used infrequently, then hiring a detailing service of this type may be unnecessary. This is especially true if the yacht has seen better days and only needs basic restoration work. It’s possible that a used yacht would cost less to restore than a new one, so ask the owner what the current value of the vessel is before you make any decisions regarding your boat detailing needs.

Lastly, consider what services the boat detailing service offers. Many companies offer polishing services for marinas, docks, and decks. Determine if the polishing includes coating the wood and applying a protective finish. Also inquire about the various types of waxes, varnishes, and coatings that can be applied to help make your boat gleam with the natural beauty it was designed to have. With a little hard work and elbow grease, you can restore your boat to the condition it was in when it was first put out on the water.