Shower and Tub Replacement – Remodeling Your Bathroom

Shower and Tub Replacement – Remodeling Your Bathroom

The tub and shower replacement market is huge. There are many different styles and features that can add an appealing appeal to any home. If you’re in the market for a new tub and shower, there’s no better time than the spring and summer to shop. Seasonally retailers like Home Depot and Lowe’s offer huge discounts on tub and shower replacement parts. If you need something for your back yard or bathroom, you’ll be able to find the best deals at these stores.

Tub and shower replacement parts make up the largest portion of the shower and tub replacement market. While there are several different types of showers, bathtubs, and toilets available, they are all manufactured by the same company. Most showers and tubs replace the shower head, which is included with most brand new showers. The shower drain is attached to the drain by a shower trap. Both the showerhead and the drain are enclosed in a plastic shell that prevents the water from leaking outside the enclosure. Most tubs and showers replace the shower drain with a special, self-cleaning trap that requires no maintenance.

A shower drain can also be replaced with a shower pan. Some shower pans are self-cleaning, and all it takes is a quick once-a-day shower drain maintenance to keep them working properly. However, if the shower pan becomes clogged, it can be a more complicated affair. Because shower pan materials are typically non-marring, it’s important to have a plumber or other experienced professional replace the shower drain for you.

Bathroom fixtures are usually one of the most expensive areas of an upgrade. In addition to the cost of the showerhead, replacement of the bathtub, jets, or other shower components can be very expensive. It’s often cheaper and easier to replace the shower itself rather than the entire bathroom. There are many choices in styles, so it’s likely that a simple, basic showerhead will work just fine for your remodeled bathroom.

If the bathtub is the more expensive part of the renovation project, it’s a good idea to consider adding new fixtures to the bathroom instead of simply upgrading the shower or the bathtub. A popular choice for a remodel is a double sink, whether it’s with a glass or marble splash, which would double as a vanity area. Changing out the faucet and adding a showerhead and soap dish can also drastically update the look of a bathroom, making us today remodel our bathroom’s into a more modern space.

Whatever upgrade you choose for your shower and bath, make sure to take care of the job right the first time. Most plumbers recommend that you use a rubber mat under the showerhead to avoid any leaks. It’s also important to properly line up the shower drain, and it’s a good idea to always double check when you’re draining the water from your shower, make sure you aren’t wasting water. Taking the time to ensure a professional-looking job is worth the money saved on a shower replacement, even if the initial investment isn’t much. Bathroom remodeling in Hartford can be made in one day by BathPlanet a bathroom remodeling company in Hartford, CT.